Monday, January 16, 2006

A Long Over Due Blogger Arrives

Occasional visitors to this blog might have retained that I have a radio show on Thursday nights on Rockland's local community station WRFR. Two hours of mildly left field rock, me yelling about things I find annoying (more things as I grow older, it seems) and the opportunity every now and then to join in a communal singing of "Car Wash" (on the honor system, obviously; I can never know if you are singing with Rose Royce and me). But this is not a promotional message for "Elvis Parsley's Late Late Breakfast Show" (Thursdays, 8-10pm ET, streamed on, hell no! For Thursday night is a veritable twofer, a double threat, and a barn-raisin'-barn-stormin'-barn-burnin'-call the barn insurance people because the barn is frankly ruined evening of radio as the EPLLBS follows three hours of Chasradio, presented by the one and lonely Charlie Hendrick.

Charlie is an audiophile (no, it doesn't mean he can only get off with speakers) and an avid collector of music peculiar and arcane. Not novelty songs in the Dr Demento/Wierd Al/Dungeons and Dragons club sense (although the more odd ones of that genre sneak through) but rather... well, you'll just have to listen. To the point of this post however; Charlie has joined the blogosphere.

So now those of you jonesing for both halves of your "Must Listen Radio Thursdays" (take that, NBC) can now play the home game of both, thanks to the creation of Chasradio.

I can't urge you enough to pop by. The raw obscurity of Charlie's discoveries are breath-taking. For example:
"When people hear the name 'Keir Dullea' they either think "Oh, that child actor from the 80's" or "Isn't that a brand of ski boots?". Then again others may think "He's the guy in Stanley Kubrick's 2001." He was good in close ups. You see his face alot in some of his movies. There is something unique about his expressions. There's also something unique about his music, but in a very different way. I'm afraid I'd have to put his music in the "Oddball Actor Who Likes Singing In Public" category. I wonder if Keir ever took Stanley aside during the making of 2001 and said "You know Stanny baby, you could use a good Broadway number here. Choregraph some of these switchboard lights, bring out some tuxedos, we could have HAL and me do a duet, whaddya think Stanny? Will it work?" (2.3 MB file)Keir Dullea- Mother Earth"

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Charles Hendrick IV said...

I couldn't ask for a better compliment. Thanks WeasleElvisBookham.