Thursday, September 15, 2005

This Is Not A Baseball Blog 6

Off to Fenway this weekend for the last game of the four day visit of the Oakland Athletics (oh Dennis Eckersley, will you be torn on NESN Extra Innings?). Ah, to be in Beantown now that fall draws near, repeatedly belting out "Tessie" (to the annoyance of Country Mouse who hears quite enough of my singing on a daily basis), watching Clement prove Baumer and me wrong, and becoming far too engrossed in "the hunt for Red October" than is healthy in a 32 year old man. Boston's tenth man can't be wrong.

While on the subject of baseball, my brother writes with news that his local non-league football team Shepshed Dynamo has managed to do what the Devil Rays singularly have failed to do this week; they have beaten the Yankees:

"An article in the Loughborough Echo highlighted the international fame achieved by one of Charnwood's sporting teams. In a recent list of the top 20 images of worldwide locations looked up by users of Google Shepshed Dynamo's "stadium" came 17th ahead of the Taj Mahal and more importantly Yankee Stadium. The Echo were most impressed until they got a letter from the Dynamo's chairman and it turns out it is no more than the web equivalent of looking up rude words in the dictionary as the club house is on Butt Hole Lane."

With the interest in English towns named after naughty or giggly bits on the rise online, perhaps my long held dream of improving the fortunes of both Sir Mix-a-Lot and rural Cambridgeshire by producing follow up to Baby Got Back called Six Mile Bottom might have legs after all.

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