Saturday, September 17, 2005

On Names.

According to various press reports Britney Spears' choice of "Preston" as the name of her son is causing no end of mirth in England, where Preston is of course a post-industrial wreck of a town in the northern county of Lancashire (its also the birthplace of current England cricket hero Andrew "Freddy" Flintoff, so it can't be all grim). Britney and Kevin had intended to name their child "London" in honor of the place they first met so one has to wonder what act or event made Preston even more significant?

Of course like always my British compatriots are having a wonderful time politely sneering at those funny foreigners (fair enough, this particular pair are rather crap, but its not the kids fault, eh?) while simultaneously ignoring their own rich history of stupid names. To whit, from the BBC:

"New research released by the Cornwall Record Office (CRO) shows that centuries before celebrity couples began to indulge in outrageous nomenclature the Cornish were already raising plenty of eyebrows at the baptismal font.

One can only imagine the kind of ribbing the likes of Philadelphia Bunnyface, Charity Chilly and Faithful Cock had to endure...." (read the rest....)

I imagine Faithful Cock's father once knew a particularly monogamous rooster.


Mondale said...

Whenever I think of Preston I think of two things. The legendary Tom Finney and my university tutor who lost his job, wife and home after indulging in an affair with a student which allegedly involved lots of defacatory sex.

weasel said...

It also reminds me of the jack Dee joke about how the name of their institute of higher learning sounds like a feminine hygiene product.