Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Mr. President, Take Pity On The Working Man

Hmm... a day after Hurricane Katrina passed overhead the levees along the Mississippi are failing in New Orleans, potentially resulting in the crescent city being inundated by upwards of 24 feet of water. Not too healthy for a city that lies several feet below sea level. Add into that the destruction of the State of Mississipi's Hancock, Harrison, and Jackson counties and the outlying areas of Louisiana as yet to be widely reported on and one might say we have a national disaster on our hands.

Therefore; where the HELL is the federal government? President Bush plans to return to DC tomorrow to coordinate the national response- what is he doing tonight? Reading My Pet Goat? When the tsunami hit south Asia last December the US Navy was able to dispatch a Marine battle group to assist with relief efforts. So far, no word whether forces out of Norfolk, VA (probably a day and a half's steaming) or even air units out of Pensacola NAS have been mobilized; no word on Air Force Hercules transports laden with supplies and expert rescue/logs/disaster management teams streaming into Barksdale Air Force Base, the place that proved so hospitable to Bush on 9/11; and not even an official statement from the vacationer-in-chief intended to comfort those poor bewildered people in the Superdome (what a reverse by the way- working class blacks on the seats rather than on the field)? Heck, maybe its like he said in response to Cindy Sheehan: Mr. Bush can't be dealing with those working class shmucks stranded in New Orleans or sheltering in the ruined footprints of their homes in Mississippi- after all, he thinks that "it's also important for me to go on with my life, to keep a balanced life.". Sort of makes a $200 haircut or a blow job from an itern take on a new perspective, doesn't it?

While Mr. Bush lingers over putting the twins' mountain bikes on the Tule rack on Air Force One a valiant few from the Coast Guard and the Louisiana National Guard plucked 1,200 people from their roofs today. The (correct) emphasis on saving lives however meant that sand bags and other supplies needed to shore up New Orleans' crumbling levees went undelivered. Meanwhile literally 1000s of tons of airlift capacity sits idle while the President allows a poor, majority black, and traditionally neglected region slowly drown. If this storm had hit Kennebunkport, I can offer no better than evens that my driveway here in Maine wouldn't be crammed with rescue vehicles and million dollar life-saving gizmos.

Regardless of ideology, this guy Bush is a dilittante, souless, hypocritical, sociopathic joke.


Debbie said...

An estimated 26 billion dollars in damages!
A challenge for the govt. when it come to dispersing the funds.
Keep in mind that Katrina has done nothing to Bush's daddy so he might not cut his vacation short. C'mon Bush don't disappear again.

Jim said...


I thought I had something original and lo and behold, you beat me to the punch on BushCo.

I do like my new name for the Prez--"President Perpetual Vacation", though.

Pathetic; absolutely pathetic!

You are right--this isn't idealogical (although right-wing apologists such as Oxy-Contin Boy, RLimbaugh, Captain Loofa [or is it Falafel?], Bill O'Reilly, and the man with the perfect hair, Sean Hannity have made it so for them), it's about leadership, character and compassion--three things Bush doesn't know the first thing about.