Monday, August 29, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

Two major beefs with CNN et al and their coverage of Hurricane Katrina:

Why no reports on the damaging effects of man-made levees on wetlands depredation and why the absence of said wetlands/silt banks/and so on actually increased the inshore damage, as with the tsunami of December 2004?

And why no coverage of the lack of government provided evacuation transport that essentially condemned the poorest, vehicle-less (and therefore in Louisiana, Missisippi, and Alabama the blackest) residents of the region to staying in the affected areas and risking their lives while I-10 was clogged with SUVs? Jim Baumer has more on that and the oil situation at Write for You.

Still, at least Anderson Cooper got to see a crane swinging in the wind. As did we. Repeatedly. He's Gloria Vandebilt's son you know. No, really.

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