Monday, August 15, 2005

Gratuitous Self Promotion II

The English football season is back underway, and with it comes the revivification of my occasional column over at NY Canaries, the United States wing of the sad and deluded Norwich City FC fan army. Following the disappointments of last season, Norwich find themselves out of the Premiership and back in the Championship (thanks to the mobility between our equivalents of MLB and AAA) and so this year could promise more wins than last, as well as the positive excitement of a promotion race rather than the nail biting crappiness of a relegation battle (although Norwich has started off with three 1-1 draws; hardly sizzling stuff). My first column of the new season can be found here:
Yellow Canary Down

For those of you bored stupid with the prospect of even more sub-par sports writing obsessed with narrow base esoterica, I did score the front page of the August Bar Harbor Squash writing as Elvis Parsley, one of my 10,000 pseudonyms (and the one most associated with Bar Harbor, Acadia National Park, and Mount Desert Island) for a childish display of lashing out at tourists (but it is so deeply cathartic).

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