Thursday, May 19, 2005

Gratuitous Self Promotion

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Comin' up pop pickers, its Three Dog Night!

I was talking to my boss on the way to the dump this morning and it was decided that I love creating pseudonyms for myself (the latest, "Mr. Paperbacon" was suggested by one of her close friends and is an outstanding riff on my real last name). As the precient among you will have guessed, "Wisdom Weasel" is not my given name; nor is "Dirk Thrust" (if I was the hero of a Tom Clancy novel); nor is "Cowboy Danny Porkchop (country singer); and nor is my former radio persona, "Elvis Parsley"(aka "Eelpiss Parsnips").

The difference with "Elvis Parsley" is that I used to be paid to go by that stupid moniker. About six months ago I dusted off "Elvis" and resurrected him for a low-key radio show I do on our local all volunteer low power FM station, Radio Free Rockland (motto: "100w of Pure Power"). As much as I hate to self-promote, thanks to the wonders of the internet you can hear "Elvis Parsley's Late Late Breakfast Show" on Thursday nights from 8pm-10pm eastern (tonight! Yippee!) via our programming stream, which can be found here. There is very little innovative content, the music is defiantly personal and middlebow, and I spend most of the time yelling in a reedy English accent but I thought I'd put it out there.

For those of you (and there have been many over time) who wonder where the name Elvis Parsley came from, I have proof that the "He was a terrible British boxer" story is true.

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