Friday, April 01, 2005

A Message From His Holiness, Pope John Paul II

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"April Fool, Assholes!"

I feel bad for Karol Jozef Wojtyla, the Pope, as a man. As an institution my gut hovers between indifference and cold anger. Pope John Paul II could have been the most saintly man alive and it would have made no difference, for as long as he sat in an art treasure laden palace upon a gold throne while human beings starved he and his church failed to follow their own teachings. Once he dies, they will continue to fail, caring more about feeding tubes and abortions than about clean water and sufficient food for all people.

Besides, the Pope isn't/wasn't a saintly man, he is/was a right wing ideologue from the Reagan/Thatcher mold (although he wasn't above cosying up to any authoritarian figure). I could go into great detail about the odious deals made that damaged thousands of ordinary, non-powerful, non-rich people but its Friday so instead, lets have a look through a flip-book of fun:
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The Pope blessing the Chilean fascist Augusto Pinochet. JPII favored continued immunity for this mass-murderer and tourturer.
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The Pope greets Saddam Hussein's christian Foriegn Minister, Tariq Aziz. Aziz served Saddam for over 20 years is now on trial for human rights abuses and war crimes.
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The Pope and the dictator: Il Papa opposed "liberation theology" in Central and Latin America and stood by as brave priests and nuns fighting for the poor were murdered, but he always had time for the regional strongmen.
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No Vatican visit or tour of the Papal wine cellar for this girl though.


Listmaker said...

geez dude, you have any incriminating photos of that schiavo chick too?

weasel said...

She never claimed to be a living saint expecting people to obey her every word.

Bottom line, he has Old Masters hanging in his apartment while members of his flock starve. I'm waiting for someone to refute that argument, especially based on scripture, that its a church's mission to amass art, trinkets, and real estate while people starve or die of curable disease.

Mondale said...

Ah, you always did have a grudge against Catholics.

Jim said...

Bravo, Weasel!! Just when I thought the whole world had been bamboozled by the historical revisionism of the past 24 hours during the "Vatican death watch" that's on every f*cking channel, along comes the Weasel to restore some measure of saneness to my little corner of the universe.

Just like when that bastard Reagan (who also had no moral compunction to living royally while others starved and liked to use god for his own political benefit) died, the networks and cable whores are going into overdrive to tardy up the image of one who should be castigated that he did so little about the fact that his church was diddling little boys on his watch!

Piss on the Pope and the rotting corpses of Reagan and the old hag Thatcher!

This coming from someone who's had it up to here with the Church, the Holy See, and the reformist propaganda passing for journalist.

I'll be glad when the geezer kicks it, but then I'll have to put up with a weeks worth (or more) of coverage of his life and all the sickening details of where he came from, how he helped old ladies across the street, etc.; god, I'm getting sick just thinking about it.

At least I've got basketball, and then Red Sox opening day is just around the corner.

I'm finding that tuning out the media whores by indulging in the escapist fantasy called sports is about the only way I can maintain most days; a good stiff drink or two certainly helps, also.

Jim said...

Have noticed that an earlier comment didn't show? It may show up later and if it does, you'll see that I'm no fan of the Pope.

Basically, I was giving Weasel props for voicing some of my sentiments about the impending death of the Pope. My main gripes are the historical revisionism taking place 24/7 on network and cable news. It's so much the same as what happened when that bastard Reagan died.

One of my issues with the Pope, which I may blog about in more depth, is this sainthood being bestowed on a man who pretty much stood aside while young boys have been abused and damaged on his watch. In my book, that doesn't deserve sainthood but something much harsher.

My post may show up; if it doesn't, it's just as well as it was written in anger, of which I'm experiencing quite a bit from the mainstream's newest act of whoredom.

weasel said...

Bowlesy, I hear the Pope secretly supported Glasgow Rangers.

Jim, the essential lack of thinking analysis around the Pope's true legacy (both good and bad) was illustrated for me by CNN yesterday, who announced straight faced that John Paul II won out in a poll that asked "Who was the best Pope?"

Poor Pope Adrian IV, the only English Pope: he should have hired Lizzie Grubman.

jamie said...

he probably drank Bushmills too...