Friday, October 08, 2004

History Friday: October 7, 2001: US launches air strikes against Taleban

Agggh! Where is the fun? Where is the joy? Where is the love? Instead, we get JDAM rain laying craters on the pre-existing craters of Afghanistan courtesy of that Boeing subcontractor, the US military:

US launches air strikes against Taleban

It seems so long ago.

The Afghan elections are tomorrow; but do we know how much of the country is calm and at peace? How much is not under the continued control of feudal warlordism, which directs a block vote for the candidate of least resistance? How many votes have not been bought with drug money?

And whether Osama bin Laden registered to vote in Tora Bora?

On a different subject, from my friend Shannon, practice casting your vote in Florida.

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