Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The random doubts of Walter Mondale: Well worth a visit.

As I have mentioned before, my good friend Alex maintains a rather splendid blog that revolves around the life of a British teacher living in Brooklin. He is a bit like Mount St Helens, dormant for long periods and then spewing forth, but he is well worth reading:

The random doubts of Walter Mondale

He is also a fellow columnist at

Talking of my media endeavors, the Wisdom Weasel is taking to the airwaves in his assumed persona of Elvis Parsley, voice of the pathetic., on WRFR 93.3. If you happen to be driving through Rockland, Maine on a Thursday night from 8-10pm, be sure to have a listen to my take on socks, dregs, and sausage roll.

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Mondale said...

Bravo lobster! many thanks for the plug, i'll reciprocate.
we'll talk soon. Bowles.