Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Weasel Admin

I know I only just had a vacation in August but I'm taking a week off from the Blog for three reasons:

1) The Red Sox need me on my couch to redouble my ritual efforts of giving (and maintaining) the finger to whichever Yankee is pitching anytime he comes on screen. The Sox may have lost last night (hustle Manny! Jesus!) but my finger ritual destroyed Mike Mussina's offensive and unsporting pursuit of a perfect game.

2) The blog is by my own admission looking a bit tatty and I need to do some updating, coding, and polishing.

3) I need to write offensive letters to all the advertisers on WGME 13, our local Sinclair owned CBS affiliate who will be broadcasting that anti-Kerry film without any balancing attack programming on Bush this week.

So, wish the Red Sox luck and hopefully when I'm back more frequently I'll be typing during the breaks in World Series games!

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Mondale said...

Right now i'm more worried about the ballgame than the election. I watched both last night (game 2 and the debate) and enjoyed neither. Nuff said.