Monday, September 01, 2008

Has John Edwards been To Alaska in the past year?

One area where I feel a great deal of affinity with conservatives is around the concept of personal responsibility. Society cannot be blamed for the things in one's life that come from personal choices and that are more properly influenced by family and community.

Therefore I find it quite interesting to note that Christian conservative and Republican vice-presidential pander-date Sarah Palin's underage daughter is unmarried and pregnant.

I suppose this sort of thing is bound to happen when you emphasize snakes and apples over birds and bees. Or from a creationist standpoint (of which Mrs. Palin is a proud advocate) is this God's 'hand' at work? Maybe Mrs. Palin's calm acceptance of her daughter's pregnancy draws upon her opinions about climate change: if there is no human hand at work in global warming maybe the same applies to the formation of her impending grandchild. All of this does beg the question however as to whether Mrs. Palin's Veep acceptance speech will be drafted by Diablo Cody.

So what is it to be folks? Do the moralists out there want to vote for a ticket where the top half abandoned his wife and children for a rich heiress and the bottom half was unable to successfully relay her own values to her daughter, or is this somehow the fault of working mothers, equal rights for women, and other issues Hilary voters believe in? After all, McCain's chromosonal pick was predicated on a combination of fooling conservatives and Clinton supporters- has it worked? Has he fooled you?

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