Thursday, September 25, 2008

And their sports guy looks like the late Senator Reed Smoot

From Bangor, Maine via MSNBC:

TV anchor who resembles Palin gets 'hate mail

BANGOR, Maine - A television news anchor in Maine who looks a lot like Sarah Palin says she's been getting "hate mail and nasty phone calls."

Cindy Michaels from WVII-TV has long brown hair that she sometimes wears up in a style similar to Palin's, and she also wears glasses on occasion.

Michaels says some viewers recently began accusing her of trying to copy Palin's style or, worse, somehow trying to subliminally sway votes.

While smarting over accusations of bias, Michaels says she's generally flattered by the comparisons to Palin. Michaels describes her as a "beautiful woman."

Having been subjected to the news on WVII on occasion, I am inclined to suspect that any 'hate mail'* is more due to her working for the most inane and pointless news operation in Eastern Maine than her sharing that c1993 senior flight attendant look with Palin.

I think of greater interest is the extent to which rival station WABI's weather man looks like President William Howard Taft:

(*Hate mail? I wonder who takes the time to compose hate mail- that shows real dedication to one's irrational, puce-faced anger. In this day and age surely one just blogs?)


Mondale said...

Can I turn this one round to me?

Our weather girl on 'Look East''Julie' looks like a boy.

That's why she's known as 'the boy Julie'.

We are known for our wit here in the east.

Margaret Evans Porter said...