Friday, July 18, 2008

Who Wrote Beethoven's 5th Symphony?

When my friend Listmaker began his recent campaign to raise awareness about the inanity of the American radio interviewer Terry Gross I have to admit I was resistant to joining his charge. Ms. Gross may not always ask the most probing of questions on her show Fresh Air she does have good guests and her conversations with mendacious conservative blowhard Bill O'Reilly and mediocre bassist Gene Simmons are classics of the art.

Last night however Ms. Goss uttered a statement about her guest Rhett Miller (from the Old 97s) that brought me over to Listmaker's dark side. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you what might be Terry Gross's most idiotic comment to date. I wish I could find it verbatim, but this is as close as I can remember it:

We'll talk more with Rhett Miller about his serious- but thank god unsuccessful- suicide attempt...

I'm glad she pointed out that he was unsuccessful, otherwise she would have blown my mind, conducting a probing interview via a ouija board.


Listmaker said...

she's been on a roll of inanity recently although to be fair one of the interviews was from a long time ago.

the mike myers interview was so crazy.
the bobby womack one - wow. so how di you learn how to play wah wah guitar?
the andrew stanton one - she was so confused that wall-e kept calling his love interest eva even though she said her name was eve. she was flummoxed.

weasel said...

From the little I know about Philadelphia at this time of the year, its not the heat but the humidity. That must be her problem.