Monday, June 16, 2008

It Tells a Pilot if He Can Fit Through a Gap

From the BBC: RAF pilot wins moustache battle
"An RAF fighter pilot has won his battle with the United States Air Force over the size of his handlebar moustache.

Flight Lieutenant Chris Ball, who is on an exchange posting with the USAF in Afghanistan was told to trim his distinctive moustache.

The pilot, who is usually based at RAF Lossiemouth, turned to the Queen's Regulations and found the moustache's width did not breach RAF guidelines...."

Quite right. Someone had to stand firm in the face of USAF inflexibility or else the Australian exchange pilots would no longer be allowed to fly drunk and the Dutch exchange pilots would have had to remove their nipple rings.

All this handlelarbra lead inexorably to this bunch. Enjoy.

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Margaret Evans Porter said...

Thanks for sharing this! I found it immensely funny, especially as the Afghani men have facial hair themselves. Seems rather churlish of the USAF..."You Brits can help us out so long as your upper lip is shaved clean."