Thursday, May 29, 2008

Malkin Hates Scarves; Stays Mum on Gerry Adams-Style Beards

Right wing screeching lunatic whose ability to have perspective was surgically removed commentator Michelle Malkin has become convinced that celebrity cook Rachel Ray is shilling not just for Dunkin Donuts but also for terrorists.

Setting aside the conflation of secular Arab nationalist/partner with Rabin/winner of the Nobel Peace Prize Yasir 'Arafat with Islamist jihadists who have only flourished in the occupied territories as a consequence of the US and Israel's refusal to support and compromise with moderate Palestinian leaders (and for good measure, confusing them with Al Qadea acolytes in Iraq), the sole reasoning behind the idea that Ms. Ray is somehow Osama bin Laden's personal chef is that a stylist draped her with a scarf resembling a keffiyeh (or shemagh)- traditional Arab head gear.

To be crystal clear then; Ms. Malikn and her pals believe that wearing a keffiyeh allies one with terrorists.

Someone had better tell that to the US Navy Seals and Britain's elite Special Air Service, both units being currently engaged in anti-terrorism operations around the globe:

God knows what Malkin and her pals would have made of the command patch for Eisenhower and the allied troops that stormed Normandy on D-Day. Flaming phallic sword? Rainbow? "Promoting the homosexual agenda" or something equally moronic, one supposes.


msdee said...

Ridiculous isnt it?
Totally disagree but if you're going to place blame and accuse others of terrorism, why not the stylist?
Everyone knows MOST celebrities, Wear, say and stand where you tell them to without thinking twice.

Mondale said...

Gerry Adams did a nice line in Geography teacher terrorist back in the 80s.
I also liked Martin McGuiness and his 'small town councillor' look.

weasel said...

I knew it was a mistake to mention Adams. Not so much wrong end of the stick, but rather side alley of irrelevance end of the stick, meet your old pal Mondale once again...

MsDee- everyone knows all celebrity stylists are in thrall to the evildoers. Hence man-capris on Matthew Broderick.