Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol

Congratulations to David, the pastry-faced result of gene splicing between Michael Bolton and Bob Seeger. May your ultimate plunge to obscurity at least earn you a dollar or two.

Commiserations to David, the uber-Osmond Michael Jackson bait and future David Guest look-alike with the nice voice and a spot already booked on season 45 of The Surreal Life.

Perhaps now is the time for me to pitch my new reality concept, American Imp Pimp, wherein contestants compete to ponce off midgets in naughty elf costumes.

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Bill Norris said...

You know, I watched the last four episodes, and didn't bother to learn anyone's name. But I thought Hot African American Woman got robbed--that version of Fever was sexy. The Dopey Trustafarain was icky, but of the final two, I'm glad it was the Scruffy Guy and not the Kid From the Drama Club Who Surprises No One When He Comes Out After His Freshman Year, because that version of Imagine made me want to kick puppies.