Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mais oui, je suis Anglais. Porquoi?

British cuisine has made great strides over recent years. The rationing-blighted food memories that GIs brought home to the States in the forties might still dominate popular culture's references to Brit-grub, but as anyone who has eaten in Blighty recently can tell you most dishes are delicious (if a bit on the starchy, waterproofing side of the ledger).

So it is with a mixture of both trepidation and excitement that I offer up the bangers-and-mash cone. As described in the press release:

"It may look like a 99 Flake* from afar, but it’s just the latest sign of the British adapting eating habits due to increasingly cold summers. Aunt Bessie’s is breathing new life into the fortunes of the ice cream van by offering cones filled with creamy mashed potatoes and a banger (sausage) topped with gravy and a sprinkling of garden peas."


(*A true delicacy).


mike said...

I think that's awesome, and I would so nosh one of those right now; think less of me if you must.
If only it would be wrapped in a Yorkshire-pudding-waffle-cone arrangement I think this would make millions.

mike said...

The apology is great:
"Furthermore, it was not our intention to convey any level of distaste or contempt for the new product, and we regret if any elements of the article - such as the picture caption 'Horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, Horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible' - suggested otherwise."

weasel said...

That cone concept is outstanding.

I would eat this at least once a week. Maybe we should set up a test kitchen.

Mondale said...