Friday, March 21, 2008

Thank God for Beaker and Sooty

No child that ever lived, is walking the earth, or has yet to be born would ever consider this a comforting puppet experience

I was reading the BBC Norfolk page the other day when I saw that the Norwich Puppet Theatre- recently on the chopping block- was spared by an infusion of funding from a local charity.

I have mixed feelings about this.

On the one hand I strongly support public funding for the arts and feel that children should be exposed to as many different media and forms of story telling as possible because the imagination is the greatest result of evolution humanity has ever known.

On the other hand, I was taken to the Norwich Puppet Theatre as a seven year old to see a production of Pinocchio and it scared the crap out of me. To this day, I love puppets of all stripes with the exception of unpainted wooden marionnettes manipulated by black-turtlenecked arts hippies. These creations horrify me, thanks entirely to my exposure to them at the Norwich Puppet Theatre. My memory blocks most of the details so I may stay sane, but I have a vague recollection of a show resembling a wooden puppet version of Hostel.

So in conclusion- public arts funding, good; Norwich Puppet Theatre, get those things away from me you sadistic child-terrifiers.

Thank you.


Mondale said...

Anonymous says...
I agree with you about the leftwing hippy socialist nightmare aspect of puppets. Horrible, horrible, horrible. I was actualy invited to a fund raiser for this thing. My Inner Tebbit (Cheney) took over and I became ill and was unable to attend.
(public funding for most arts good)

weasel said...

I'm fine with most puppets. its the ones whose operators decide that they are the only medium through which to do an interpretive dance about child abduction that freak me out.

RPS said...

If I was a wee Norwich lad being startled by clowns and evil, soul-less scary puppets, I would wish that the Frogtown Mt. people come visit me. Then Norwich would turn into a happy fairy land, and all the dogs would dance...

weasel said...

I do appreciate Frogtown (especially the occasional late night blue versions I've seen performed...)