Sunday, February 10, 2008

Armageddon (out of here if he wins)

Republican presidential candidate and professional ignoramus Mike Huckabee has a new pithy sound bite he likes to end his speeches with in order to rally his troops:

"I didn't major in math, I majored in miracles."

Well that should come in handy if he wins and has to fix the economy. The quotes from his supporters interviewed in exit polls makes for amazing listening: they sound like turkeys voting for Thanksgiving. If these folks used the same logic they employ to pick a candidate to following the rules of the road then maybe we'd be able to be rid of them through a spike in fatal traffic accidents, but no- we would never be that lucky. Perhaps we could break off three or four southern states, gift them to the evangelicals for their own country, let them be as fundamentalist as they like, and call it Talibama.

And would somebody please tell Huckabee and his moronic horde that the word is "pundit", not "pundant"? Haven't we learned how devestating it can to be the country and the world if we elect someone who can't even be bothered to find out how a word is pronounced?

I'm sincerely grateful that economically illiterate rube isn't going to win.


Margaret Evans Porter said...

An overwhelming majority of Americans mispronounce "pundit" as "pundant." So do some of the punditocracy. It's a chief reason I'm so often screaming at my television and radio.

weasel said...

No doubt they also call soft cake icing "fundit".

Mainecatwoman said...

Sin, sin, sin! You're all sinners! You're all doomed to perdition!

weasel said...

"You're all doomed to perdition"
No doubt pronounced "puddentitan" by Huckabee and co.

mainelife said...

LOVE the Talibama idea. Do you suppose we could get the supremacists in Idaho to move down there, too?