Tuesday, October 23, 2007

This Is Not A Baseball Blog 19: Special Bonus Eve of the World Series Edition

Today's looky-likey, as suggested by my spousal unit:

The surprisingly tall (2 feet, 2 inches) Scout Mouse-Weasel, scrappy brawler with barely any hair;

The surprisingly tall (5 feet, 9 inches) Dustin Pedroia, scrappy brawler with barely any hair.

On an unrelated note, here are some of the most recent keyword searches that lead people to Wisdom Weasel:

i have scrubbed a carpet and ruined it. reptilians king juan carlos. what can i use om my carpet to get rid of human urine smell. flomax ad with the sausage. go see bruce springsteen before he has his accident. east midlands england's new jersey. finger goggles.

And my favorite:

genuine bra tickling beans. Keep on googling, weirdos.


msdee said...

you will forever regret blogging about dog urine or maybe not.
Im gonna checl the wierdos that check me out. Thanks for giving me something to do. I needed a break

P.S. Your little girl is adorable:)

mainelife said...

She is a cutey--and so well dressed!

Mondale said...

Is this one of those "no blogging til the Redsox win' efforts?

weasel said...

Less due to superstition and more due to a combination of social obligations and actually watching the games.