Friday, August 03, 2007

Hunchbacks- No Longer as Fearsome & Now Lacking in Imagination

From the BBC-
Mystery over severed bell ropes
The bells at an ancient Dorset church were silenced for the first time in nearly 200 years after the ropes were severed by a mystery vandal.

The sabotage came to light during an open day at St Peter's Church in the village of Long Bredy near Dorchester. Three of the ropes snapped as the ringers pulled at them - but nobody was injured.

A fourth rope had also been severed and the ringers said the evidence suggests the culprit was an insider.

Gwen Kinghorn, 53, a regular bell ringer at the 13th Century church told the BBC she was completely baffled and said she had no idea of who could have done it.

"I was pulling the rope and it just fell on my head. Then the other ropes started to fall too, on the heads of the others," she said. (the rest...)"

That's it? That's the best the mystery vandal can do? In the old days it would have been up the parapet with one's hot gypsy lover under one arm and a gargoyle for chucking at pursuers under the other, while a slavering horde waited impatiently below with nooses, pitchforks, and burning torches. I don't know- what is the world coming to?

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SkookumJoe said...

and boiling oil. Nobody pours boiling oil on anyone anymore.