Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Weird Weird World of Sport

Tina Cervasio before she began wearing the oddest outfits (more below)

I've been watching a ton of baseball on my own recently (those west coast game times were a boon to me last week) and thus I have paid more attention than usual to the ancillary bits of coverage during the games. Regardless of the sport you prefer to watch you know the sort of thing I mean: mini-interviews with the coach, or a sideline update from somewhere among the fans, etc. based on this coverage I have developed two hypotheses:

1) Manny has been lighting his farts in the locker room. How else can one explain Terry Francona's apparent adoption of a pair of eyebrow toupees? The originals must have been lost in an explosive Dominican flatulence episode.

2) Sox sideline reporter Tina Cervasio must be pregnant. What else would explain her wardrobe choices this season? She has to have been shopping at the Saugus Discount Maternity Warehouse: her clothes have been vile.

That is all.


Rikki said...

Did you by chance watch the game that included an "ancillary bit" such as you describe where Tina C. interviewed Manny's travelling hair stylist?

I did not see it, but I wish I had after I heard Tom Caron describe it on WEEI's "The Big Show" the other day. I guess it was a standout for a few reasons, to wit:
- Tina had been drifted away from the puff pieces into more sports-thoughtful comments about players' in game performance, and this appeared to be a bit of backsliding.
- Manny, who never gives interviews anymore, came off as even weirder than usual.
- the hair stylist interview bits were apparently something to behold

weasel said...

Alas, I missed Manny's hair tips but I did hear a patently jealous Jerry Remy talk about it.

Rikki said...

Check it, bleep:

Manny and His Hair Stylist

Jim said...

I've been fighting the urge to unleash an anti-Sox screed; the shift from baseball to Tina's puff pieces, bad wardrobe and Manny's hairstylist BS makes me even more crotchety than usual.

Makes some of us long for the pre-2004 era, before Henry, Theo and NESN.

Good thing I've been limiting my Sox watching to mostly the 7lth inning on, although I get to see more than enough Tina on NESN each AM, before work.

weasel said...

Jimbo, you've got to zen past all of that- it was no better before, with the racist Yawkeys and the dire to mediocre teams of days gone by. Be like Spaceman Lee and take a hit and laugh it off- its what I try to do.

Still no takers on the bet that Cervasio is pregnant?