Friday, June 08, 2007

Lost Another Bet to Billco

Incredible. After a start to the baseball season that looked like I'd be having to dig deep to find all the various humiliations I was to inflict on friend Bill as part of our ongoing Red Sox/Yankees battle, the Bronx bastards turned around and pulled out series victory number two on the year. Therefore:

"I owe Weasel some retribution because, in an unlikely turn of events, the Yankees took two of three from the Sox in Fenway last week. Seeing as Scout is only recently arrived on the scene (and had the good sense to be born during a Sox/Yankees series), and I’m sure Weasel and family are quite busy with the adjustment, my terms will be simple: Weasel, please change your profile picture to a shot of young Scout sporting the “Yankees Suck” gear I sent your way for a couple of weeks."

Fine. In fact most kind of Bill, and very restrained on his part, I have to say.

She is a scrawny midget the onsie is a little large on her, but you'll appreciate the general effect:


Bill Norris said...

Very nice. I like that she seems to be screaming in agony; it's a pose members of The Nation need to get used to.

weasel said...

She's singing "Sweet Caroline".

Ron said...

WW: what better for your offspring's tender learning ears than you reading to her "Papers by the Fat Contributor," those fascinating raves of Thackeray's thaT he contributed to Punch Magazine, back when English was a language that,written, tripped so well off the reader's tongue.

Before all the etymological debris of the petroleum/nuclear/electro era rained down upon it and made it the semigibbering patois of today.

Aye, a recital of the rollicking adventures of Folkestone Canterbury, Punch's correspondent, will place the little 'un on a proper footing in life.

For this immortal prose, gurgle
Papers by the Fat Contributor, then click on "Contributions to Punch, etc."

Or go to this this malignantly long url

mainelife said...

She's lovely in that. "Yankees Suck" is definitely her color.