Thursday, May 10, 2007

Blair Quits

With apologies to the Onion, people answer the question- "What did you think of Tony Blair?":

Joe, former head of Staines Polytechnic Radical Socialist Society:
"He showed committed revolutionaries like me that true public ownership comes from a few trusted members of the public owning as much money as possible."

Shazira, Home maker, Blackburn:
"I didn't like his Iraq policy, but at least he didn't ask me to lift my burqua like Jack Straw. I kept telling Mr. Straw I'd remove my veil, but he kept insisting I lift the whole thing from the bottom while he kept his hands under his desk."

Brian, carpet salesman, Dundee:
"He helped Scotland to- er- pull the sword of Wallace from- er- the Stone of Scone with devolution, the first steps to independence. A few more years and we'll be able to declare war on Iceland. Revenge. REVENGE!"

The Earl of Bumchutney-Staines, Countryside Alliance Chair, Quorn:
"Bugger off, townie."

David, Leader of the Conservative Party, London:
"Gosh! He was a lovely chum but not much cop at the doing, eh? Kept a decent selection of yoghurts in the old fridge. Would you like to see my school report? I got all 'A's. Like for always, duh. Tara, chuck old bean!"

George, President of the United States, Washington DC:
"Awww shit. Lost another one. I wonder if that Sarkosy guy likes grits? He's French, so probably grits with cheese."

Margaret, former Prime Minister, Dulwich:
"Of all my children, he was my favorite. Not a blubber like Carol, and not a crook like Mark. Well actually, he was a blubber and a crook, but he was one of us, for sure."

Gordon, Financial Industry, London:
"Sorry- I'd love to chat but I'm a bit busy. Actually, could you give me a hand with these boxes? Moving is both a pain and a joy, isn't it?"


Margaret Evans Porter said...

Nice piccie of young Cameron. And a most flattering one of her ladyship.

There was a grim play titled Thatcher's Children several years back. Not about Mark & Carol, it defined her offspring rather more broadly.

Wonder what the inevitable play Blair's Children will be like....

Mondale said...

Interestingly, Both weasel and I are of the generation defined as 'Thatcher's children'.
MEP beat me to the Cameron gag. Weasel, why did you have to thrust that image back into my head?

Lord Garfunkel of Ballyesmond said...

super stuff old boy. It seems Lionel Blair really made quite an impression eh?

weasel said...

Indeed. One wonders what poor Una Stubbs and Michael Aspel will do now?