Saturday, January 13, 2007


It has long been a feature here at Wisdom Weasel that every few months or so your ertswhile host (that would be me, for the thickies) pauses from his head-long rant and his lame attempts at botty-bum jokes to collect his thoughts and tentatively reveal some of the half-formed ideas for upcoming posts. This would be one of those times.

About a year ago I embarked on a project to write short posts about my ten favorite paintings over a 12 month period. Like most major projects attempted by the British in the past 20 years, it is off schedule, and I have only covered six pictures (the last being Marc Quinn's Sir John Sulston: A Genomic Portrait back on April 27, 2006). I have to say I still find writing about art a little daunting although I have been buoyed by peoples' reactions to the pieces (I was encouraged to expand my short bit on Andrew Wyeth into a 3,000 word essay by Maine author and publisher Jim Baumer, which was very nice). Anyhoo, I want to note that I'm going to unleash the next painting in the series shortly: I want to take a look at Edward Hopper's Nighthawks at the Diner and some of its spinoffs and parodies. Look for it shortly.

Also on the quasi-serious side, I wanted to tackle two vexsome issues of identity and stereotyping. One will look at the old British canard that America is a land without history where the inhabitants don't speak English properly. The other will tackle the concept of being from "away" in Maine and about the conflicting influence of regional tradition and rootedness in a country with the most mobile population the world has ever seen. I will give plenty of warning before posting these so those of you who find that my more serious writing gives them a headache will be able to steer clear for a while.

Third, my friend Bio-Chris has sent me a link concerning a web cam where one can watch a block of farmhouse cheddar mature in real time. You know I'm going to have to post something on that.

As for the rest of the stuff I use to clog the arterties of the internet, watch this space as I am sure a myriad of peculiarities will cross my path as time marches on. For instance you are all very lucky David Beckham signed for the LA Galaxy before I was able to get it together for long enough to post an impassioned plea that he return to my club of Norwich City, where he had academy trials as an eleven year old. Consider yourselves spared by my inability to find or doctor a picture of him in Norwich kit before the news broke.


Rikki said...

Go ahead, admit it. I inspired you. I eagerly await your unveiling of the painting in question. I suspect it's no Kenyas Most Wanted, but I'm eager nonetheless.

weasel said...

When I clicked on the Kenya's most wanted link I was half expecting to see Daniel Arap Moi leaping over a chain link fence while pursued by deputies as part of a dramatic reconstruction.