Monday, December 11, 2006

You Know She Envied His Death Squads

From the BBC:

Pinochet Death 'Saddens' Thatcher.

Bless, the old bat only says such crassly horrible things so that when she pops it we of the great unwashed won't take it so badly.

That Thatcher we'll say as she lies a-mouldering in her coffin;

At first we wanted to forget her sins and eulogise her uncriticaly as the woman who modernized Britain and invented Mr Whippy ice cream.

But then we remembered she stuck up for arsehole torturing murderers like Pinochet. Oh, and she once punched the Queen Mother in the box.

What is Lady Thatcher to do? With the recent deaths of P.W. Botha and Augusto Pinochet, she is running out of objectional friends. Perhaps she can reach across the aisle and become Robert Mugabe's pen pal.


Margaret Evans Porter said...

And she's still got her objectionable (crimnal) son, if she runs out of objectionable friends.

To answer your question from elsewhere: I didn't see Obama, unless I can count the local (and national) news reports. I reckon I'll have numerous future opportuntities.

FlyingRodent said...


That's me down twenty quid already. At this rate, Alex Ferguson is going to have to meet with a nasty accident just for me to break even.

weasel said...

5 to 1 says Mark Thatcher tumbles to his death off a yacht a la Robert Maxwell as a mysterious Israel-flagged fishing vessel steams away at full speed....