Sunday, December 10, 2006

Just in Time for The Holidays

My virtual chum Wes of Coveting fame has just launched his business,

These are some seriously slick looking bespoke dog beds, my friends. The company is so new that you have a real chance of being the first- the FIRST- to fit Fido out with the finest sleeping pad in the neighbourhood. I'm a fan of the "Gertie" pattern for Dinah (our collie/shep) and "Rufus" for Mira (the Aussie Cattle Dog) but don't let me influence your choice.

From what I know of Wes (both his blog and his wife's are fairly good predictors, I'd say) these dog beds are going to be high quality, hard wearing, and well made. What is more, something tells me that the customer service is going to be pretty spot on, too.

So if you have dogs or someone with dogs in your life and you are sick of seeing the mutt curled up uncomfortably on a pile of ratty towels or (even worse) constantly sneaking onto your bed pinning the covers to your side like some Edgar Allen Poe nightmare, get that hound a LexiLew.


Wes said...

Thanks, Weasel. You really should have gone into advertising.

weasel said...

I'd like to do infomercials.