Thursday, December 07, 2006

Around the Houses

I'm frantically trying to get ready for Country Mouse and my trip to Blighty for the hols and yet seemingly everywhere I turn I get bombarded with more work and self-inflicted side projects. Oh wah, what a bummer: to be considered competent enough that people ask you to do things- get over your whiny self, Weasel.

Anyway, the point is that with all that has been going on I have been remiss in my duties as a host and haven't been sharing some of the interesting things going on in the land o' links. So please accept this as my reparation:

The learned Rikki, Esq has a comprehensive and readable look at the US Supreme Court's consideration of global warming over at Arguably So;

Listmaker's Baseball Diaries are cranking back to life, with his usual retrospective of a season's worth of dollar beers, access to organ lofts, cheap restaurants serving American fare two exits past the ballpark, and some occasional baseball;

Margaret Evans Porter has suddenly found herself elected to the NH State House (on the side of the good guys) and yet is still finding some time to enjoy the approach of New England winter;

Flying Rodent continues to frighten small children and old ladies;

J. Edward Keyes' photo-romance recaps of Gilmore Girls means I never have to waste time watching the show;

And of course the Weasel and Country Mouse combo blog has sprung back to life. Play along at home.

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