Tuesday, November 28, 2006

OK, One More Meme

These memes are making me vain

Whereas, I have been very busy working on an economic development project for school and;
Whereas, I have to get up early and drive north for a seminar on substance abuse prevention tomorrow that will take all day, and;
Whereas, I have to do more reading on the economic development thingie tomorrow night rather than idly blog,
Let it be known that I shall partake of another meme, this time vouchsafed to me by Mac over at Stones in the Field, to whit:

5 Little-known Facts About Yourself

5) Many people, when they first meet me, think I am from Nebraska because I "don't look British".

4) I have absolute contempt for the telephone.

3) I am 28 years older than my twin sisters.

2) I have trouble with the order of the alphabet because I changed schools, going from "N" at one to "T" at the other. I still to this day have to recite the whole thing in my head when alphabetising.

1) I have always wanted my own chimpanzee but due to pesky ethics have dogs instead.

My usual tagging thing applies; lift it by all means but I won't force it on anyone.


youthlarge said...

explain #2 again please?

FlyingRodent said...

You'd be better with an orangutan than a chimp, Weasel.

Chimps are quite vicious, whereas anyone who saw the Clint Eastwood documentary "Every Which Way But Loose" will know that orangutans make excellent bodyguards.

Bill Norris said...

Re: Number 2, one of my sisters thought that "LMNOP" was one letter due to the way the alphabet song was sung in her preschool. I think she figured out the truth in middle school.

Anonymous said...

my hubby has to recite the alphabet all the time as well when he needs to look up something in the dictionsry he'll ask me if 'F" comes before "G" and that man is very intelligent

weasel said...

Youthlarge: I learned part of the alphabet at one school but moved part way through the school year. At the next school they were well advanced in the alphabet and so I missed learning some letters by rote. It has haunted me ever since.

FR: Is that some sly red hair reference, you old bastard?