Saturday, August 05, 2006

New Resident at Disgracelands

Ladies and Gents,

With all the sorrow and uncertainty in the world, it is always pleasant to welcome a new dog, knowing that you'll not have to worry about the great trials of life in canine company. So without any further ado, here is young Mira:

Long dog = Dinah (she's been our long and hairy chum for three years). Squat dog = Mira (she has been our portly and instantly comfortable chum for 48 hours).

Despite looking like a corgi, Mira is allegedly an Australian Cattle Dog and something. Australian Cattle Dog, eh? Better lock up the silver and put a lock on the fridge to stop her getting to the beer. Like Dinah, Mira is approximately just shy of three years old and from the south originally (thank goodness for the underground railroad: this is Maine after all, home to the Luckiest Dogs In America). Unlike Dinah she is quite overweight but that will soon change. We don't do obese dogs here at Disgracelands (although we do fat Weasels- I'm working on it, joined a gym this month, but that's a different story) as there is far too much countryside in Maine for us to let a jelly belly slide. So its going to be exercise galore, decent food, and a breaking of what appears to be an unfortunate table scraps history. Watch this space.

Both beasts are down east with Country Mouse this weekend as she had family bid'ness to tend to and I had to march in the Lobster Festival parade with the kids from work ( although this isn't me in the linked photo I do like being in a parade: a great opportunity to embarass everyone around me, which is one of favorite hobbies). As a consequence, I'm contemplating going to bed at 10:30pm on a Saturday night so I can carpe diem tomorrow. God, I'm getting old. So night, and here's one more of the proper number of dogs for a two person household:


charles rider said...

And a fine pair of hounds they look, Mr Weasel. You and Mrs Weasel must be tickled pink.

Mrs Roper said...

So cute! She looks like the offspring of a Dinah/Ned union!! Can't wait to meet her.

Wes said...

Welcome, Mira. She's a cutie.

bri said...

Yay! As crazy as Gertie makes me, I would have to agree that two dogs are a good thing in the end.

weasel said...

Thanks folks. She is a rather splendid little addition and seems keen on wrestling with Dinah within aural range of the brittle neighbor, which can only be a good thing.