Monday, August 07, 2006

Its Hard Out There For a Nutrageous

"Pimped Out Twix"

I am very grateful that my immediate sibling Weasel's Little Bruvva shares our family's taste for the peculiar, otherwise I would never have learned about:

Pimp that Snack

Now that I have seen a gigantic chupa chup I can probably retire. And as much as I hate the word "pimp" in its current incarnation (Hey! Lets "Violent Exploiter of Prostitutes My Ride" MTV!) this website does at least give me hope that my last roll of the TV development dice- "Pimp My Whimple" for EWTN TV- might bear fruit. At least more fruit than the P Diddy infomercial for Proactiv called "Pimp my Pimple" did at any rate.


mactechwitch said...

Yes, they're lovely and call to mind this scatalogical scene from the illustrious Caddyshack "doodie"

Anonymous said...

Funny and gross

weasel said...

What I like most of all is that if you click on the pictures on the site they lead you to instructions on how to make your own gigantic snacks.

Wes said...

Ah, that Fabergé Creme Egg is a thing of wonder. And disgust.

weasel said...

The egg is spectacular: its what I imagine Liberace's turds were like.

I'm currently seriously considering building the giant fish stick.

Anonymous said...

Build it and take pics!