Friday, July 21, 2006

Watch Where You Are Putting That Night Stick

From the BBC:

NZ policewoman works as call girl
A New Zealand policewoman has been allowed to keep her job, despite moonlighting as a prostitute. The Auckland officer, whose name and rank have not been revealed, apparently took up the part-time work due to financial difficulties....(more)"

My favorite quote of the whole story comes from Auckland politician Ron Marks, who notes:

"I know a hell of a lot of police officers who struggle with the cost of living in Auckland but they don't all rush out and become prostitutes," he said.

Bally good thing too Mr. Marks! After all, the sheep wouldn't like the competition.

I'm also a fan of the BBC's "prostitution" stock photo; so suggestive yet demure....


Mondale said...

I love that Kiwi joke about the politicans.

"In the NZ parliament MPs have to declare wheter they represent rural or urban constituencies. When they rise to speak they announce 'I'm Bill Jones and I'm a city member' . And so on.
One day a notoriously dull rural MP rose to speak.
'I'm John McGuire and I'm a country member'
From behind him came a reply 'yeah, we remember' ".

Joe said...

That joke worked better when I read it with a British accent. I don't believe that we in the states throw that word around quite as liberally as do our friends from across the pond.