Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Things The Economist Has Taught Me

The Moomins, who I grew up believing to be some horrific creation of the Eastern Bloc based on the appearance of the terrifying felt-creature stop motion cartoon shown on the BBC when I was younger, are actually Finnish.

Things Wikipedia has taught me: the moomin series that so scarred me as a kid was a Polish adaptation of the original Finnish fairy stories, so I was half right. Apparently the later Japanese cartoon version is a lot less spooky; odd given that the original had the same washed out, eerie look as a Japanese contempary horror film like Ringu. Although given that I found that out on Wikipedia, it's probably complete bullshit.

Another gift to the world from Wikipedia: am extensive list of unpleasant to downright vile insults for people from around the globe that I am dead set against anyone using.


boneman said...

OK, no scarring here. Just driftin' about on a Sunday afternoon after church, sharing the answer to the question that has plagued mankind for a millenium.....

A chicken and an egg are lying in bed.
The chicken is leaning against the headboard smoking a cigarette, with a satisfied smile on its face.
The egg, looking a bit pissed off, grabs the sheet, rolls over, and says, "Well, I guess we finally answered THAT question."

.....well, maybe, eh?

weasel said...

Those are some pretty interesting post-church thoughts, there Boneman...