Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Is a Sonic Restaurant a Mini Los Alamos?

The effects of being blasted by hot fudge for too long

The fast food chain Sonic is doing its best to saturate the airwaves with ads for it's new sundae, the Hot Fudge Brownie Blast. Living in the frozen north far from the nearest Sonic I always thought a hot fudge brownie blast was the unfortunate side effect of eating unripe cranberries, but according to the ubiquitous advertising it is a delectable ice cream treat.

On the surface, this ice cream concoction appears to like many other gigantic mounds of processed dairy solids and corn syrup on the market. But when I took the time to listen to the breathless spiel gabbled by the Sonic pitchman over the pictures of heart disease in a sundae cup I realized that Sonic has stumbled onto the holy grail of physics.

The Sonic Hot Fudge Brownie Blast offers warm hot fudge! This is amazing; Sonic has discovered how to make something exist in two temperature states simultaneously! Both warm and hot? How can that be? But that's not even the cool part. The warm hot fudge is frozen! Bugger me! The ability to generate warm and hot heat from a frozen state? I'm no brain scientist or rocket doctor but that sure sounds a lot like cold fusion to me!

See how the ingenuity of the American free market solves the thorniest problems! All hail the physicists of Sonic!

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