Saturday, July 01, 2006

Henry and Co....

...Its now down to you. You are the least odious of the semifinalists, and you need to deliver revanche pour vos amis l'Anglais.

Come on France, you know we love you, right?

As for the red card:

"Rooney was battling to keep possession from three Portugal defenders when the trouble erupted. He seemed to be pulled back by Carvalho, and then trod on his opponent's groin as the Chelsea defender was on the floor trying to win the ball.

Carvalho reacted dramatically and Ronaldo sprinted to the referee, apparently to demand a red card. Rooney turned to Ronaldo and pushed him away. The Argentine referee reached for the red card just 10 minutes after England captain David Beckham went off injured in a match which ended 0-0 after extra-time.

Television pictures appeared to show Ronaldo winking towards the Portugal bench as Rooney made his way off."

Sagnol, if you have Ronaldo's legs off on Wednesday, you'll never have to buy a drink in England again.

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