Thursday, June 29, 2006

"Do not put a picture of a parrot on your flag! (This goes for you too, Guatamala!)"

According to the meticulous criteria of New Zealand philosopher Josh Parsons, this is the worst flag in the world. Congratulations, Northern Marianas Islands!

Far be it for me to accuse others of being procrastinators or of having too much time on their hands, but I stumbled across this most excellent website via Dr Vee today called:

The world's flags given letter grades

It does what it says on the can, and then some. I highly recommend a visit.

Also, if you are in the mood for more nationalism debunked, the normally annoying Frank Deford of Sports Illustrated has a good sound essay on the overuse of national anthems at sporting events here.


Mondale said...

Qite the most amazing website of the day!
I also like the frowning sun of Uruguay. When I was a kid I had a big book of flags which I used to enjoy reading. I also used to sleep under a Norwegian flag.

youthlarge said...

i can't believe he gave libya a B!

weasel said...

YL, he is opinionated and capricious, but quite perceptive, as evidenced by this description of the flag of Brunei: "Appears to involve a moustache sprouting from a flagpole."

I'm a little surprised that no country has siezed upon a plaid flag.

weasel said...

Portugal's poxy flag got a D. I wouldn't wipe my arse with it.

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