Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I am Old Latrobe

Happy Birthday to Me


Bill Norris said...

Happy day.

Joe said...

All those folks converge on Stonehenge to celebrate your birthday? How wonderful!

When I turned 33, I was Larry Bird. But Old Latrobe works, too.

weasel said...

I'm paler than Larry Bird.

Mondale said...

Happy Birthday Old chum!
Please enjoy the discreet package/gift/thing i'm sending in lieu of a real gift even though you get to keep it type thing.

Jerkyahoo said...

Beef Jerky - the perfect snack.
Now at Jerkyahoo:
"The best beef jerky on this side of the grass"

weasel said...

Who's up for counter-spamming Jerkyahoo?

I think I'll go first.