Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Even Child Zombies Deserve An Education

I was scanning the BBC World Cup photos on my lunchbreak today when I came across a very disturbing photograph. I work with adolescents and have seen some incredibly odd looking children in my time, but nothing prepared me for this. I was so taken aback I had to email Country Mouse:

"Can you tell me what is wrong with this kid???? There is no explanation in the photo caption. It just says: "Children from north London's Moss Hall School watch England's 1-0 win over Ecuador on a big screen at their summer fair"

I hope any kid we have doesn't end up looking like a mentally ill caveman with a skin disorder.

Love, Weasel"

Country Mouse, alas, was only able to confirm that the picture of the child was indeed "f-ed up" and was unable to offer any deeper diagnosis. So its up to you. Answers below please, for the great Wisdom Weasel "What The Hell Is Wrong With This Bizarre Child In The Lower left Hand Corner" contest:


Mondale said...

I suspect the child tried to paint the union flag on his (her?) face. There is an order to such things, the Flag of St Andrew MUST be applied first.

weasel said...

"Her?" By god, man- I hope that's not a girl. It looks like the dirty dump-dwelling boy that inhabits the bit by the art sink flicking bogies on the long division posters in every English primary- and junior school.

They travel with the empire: the one at my primary school at RAF Gutersloh was called Wiggy, and he was my friend.

Mondale said...

I knew one called Paddy. A right good ole Norfolk boy. Probably a millionaire by now.

mockney said...

looks like a kid from one of those 1970s public information commercials: don't return to already lighted fireworks, or they will blow up and melt your face...