Thursday, April 20, 2006

This Is Not A Baseball Blog 12a

RPS, proprietor of the Pine Tree Curtain and frequent contributor to a raft of magazines (including recently a Maine true crime spy caper from WW2), is what the Mods of old would have called an "Ace Face". We have been pals a long time, ever since he came into my old office in the basement of the Bar Harbor Town Hall and told me that it used to be his space and that it also used to house the urinals when the building was a high school. I am still always greatly touched by his thoughtful gestures of kindness, not least this week when he made one of my recent wishes come true and made me my own Popeye Youkilis:


Charles Hendrick IV said...

They haven't finished my driveway yet. Check out this link

weasel said...

Thanks for that link: some songs there for the i-tunes, methinks.