Sunday, March 12, 2006

A Massive Post About A Weekend Of Science

Back from a wonderful weekend in Boston. Lots of photos of me acting like a prune, and a only a couple of Country Mouse, which just shows who is the better photographer in our family (mostly mine were of dark blurs). Let the photoblogging commence (and as always, for a larger view, click on the picture).

A piece of statuary in the park next to our digs (the Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge). Both Country Mouse and I firmly believe that the second head on the left is a rendering of the Eck.

About to enter the Museum of Science for the
Star Wars exhibit. Poor Country Mouse. My excitement- genuine; to the point where I can't even see the school kids jeering at me behind CM.

Weasel stares rapt at the actual
Millennium Falcon used in The Empire Strikes Back. "How did the actors fit?" He wonders.

Like all good Mainers, Country Mouse ain't skirr'd of no stormtroopah, bub. Jist like the Federal gov'mint, aint they; frickin' all baahhk an' no bite, ayuh.

If you are minor geek like me, this is a Sand Person. If you are a major geek, like the dude behind me at this case, this is a Tusken raider who rides a bantha and fights with a gaffi stick.

My attempt to build a lego mag-lev car (like a landspeeder) comes a cropper due to a failure to read the instructions.

Out of
Star Wars and into the museum proper. The change causes my congential case of "big eye" to flare up.

I had no idea that when I accepted the after dinner speaking gig that it was for the American Nazi Party. Or that they would make me my own politically offensive backdrop.

I bugger up a completely innocent anatomy model. Again, I really must read the instructions.

I attempt to simulate zero gravity. Ground control to major idiot.

CM called this one "cocktail hour onboard Apollo".

On to Saturday. Our room at the Marlowe after a night's sleep punctuated with loud after effects of Indian food.

On to the New England Aquarium, or "Baby Stroller Hell". Lots of penguins with signs emphasising that they would make terrible pets. I'm sure Wes would disagree.

CM gamely indulges me by posing with some poor BU student trying to make tuition.

"B-b-b-Benny, Benny and the Jets..."

"Magic, Old Navy has savings to die for..." 3-D IMAX is pretty damn cool. We even found out from his narration that Johnny Depp's nightmares are about killer squid in a feeding frenzy.

And finally, back to Friday and Star Wars. I promised photos of us in the Millennium Falcon simulator but they didn't allow cameras. For the record, I sat in Han's seat and we did make the jump to hyperspace. I can however present a facsimile of the experience:

Peter Mayhew, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Anthony Daniels and Harrison Ford recreate the visit to the Millennium Falcon by Weasel, Country Mouse, and a nice young family who shared the simulator ride with us. Harrison occupies Weasel's seat.


Mondale said...

Superb pics! I love the 'magic eye in magnifying glass shock!' Always my fave.

weasel said...

Magnifying glass, pshaw. Its my big eye, I tell you.

Also, if you look at the photo of me galumphing in the Apollo command module, you'll see it is made of wood. No wonder NASA spacecraft keep exploding or catching fire. Either that, or it's the National Amish Space Administration.

Joe said...

That's definitely the Eck in the statue.

weasel said...

I'm begining to think that it's Lloyd Bridges above him, too.