Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Was It Something I Said?

Not claiming to be a sage or anything, but I was listening to the news about the various hummings and hawings in Israel and Palestine about the upcoming Palestinian election and suddenly remembered something I wrote almost two years ago that might be relevant: Wisdom Weasel: Can A Hamas Sandwich Ever be Kosher?

And if that all seems too finger-on-the-pulse, crazy obsessed with the middle east (regardless of what you think of my conclusions), here's one I got woefully, hideously wrong from four days prior to the Hamas post:Time For Self Belief. I guess we shouldn't count on a litany of GOP bungling, corruption, and mendacity to chase them out of office this year either. Although, Katrina might have changed a few things even among the apathetic and indolent; I hope to be proved wrong for opposite reasons in November.

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