Saturday, January 14, 2006

A Tale of Two Fridays

My Friday consisted of getting up horrifically early, driving through a fine spray of road mud to Bangor (some 70 miles distant) and spending my day at an Office of Substance Abuse online database training for the job at the behest of the the government of the Great State o' Maine. Not terrible as days at work go, but compare and contrast with the following photos of my consort Country Mouse's day with dogs Dinah and Bailey (you can click on the pictures to enlarge):

Off to Birch Point State Park, some 5 miles from our front door...

She even puts the seat down when she is done. Good dog, Dinah.

Where is everyone? Oh that's right: they only get 10 days vacation a year. The rest of the time its

Make the most of any and all winter sun.

Brief cameo by senior dog Bailey, who is probably eating shit/seaweed/sea urchin/sea gull (deceased).

Bailey. Rocks shown for scale.

Time to go home.


...mj said...

What a pleasantly rugged existence you must live when you are not busy being educated weasel. The north east sure is pretty.

weasel said...

Cheers M!key; it does have it's moments.