Sunday, January 22, 2006

Haiku. Bless You.

First things first- at long last my dear chum RPS has switched from a static website to a blog. As one of the most interested people I know, his blog is sure to collect fascinating minutae from across the globe and distill it into easily enjoyable chunks of yummy. Furthermore, he is languishing in exile from Maine in deepest darkest Vermont and therefor anything any of you can do to take his mind off his predicament will surely be appreciated, such as dropping by to see what he is up to. The Pine Tree Curtain, open for business.

Secondly, I can't recommend Mitch over at Handwashings' entry into the annual movie lists highly enough: 62 movie reviews, all in haiku. Mitch truly is the Seattle Seahawks of blogging- quietly producing excellence and ignoring the flash-bang efforts of the less talented. The coincidence of Mitch's timing is striking, as the organization I work for has just launched a haiku contest as an ongoing fundraiser. Details can be found here. A measily five bucks buys you three cracks at the pinata and a different theme is posted each week. The weekly winners get the glory of being published in a pair of local newspapers and bragging rights (we are working on securing a prize of suitably high perceived totemic value without it costing the organization anything: what do you want should you be declared the 6 monthly grand champ? Suggestions below, please).

Good luck and good 5-7-5ing.


Listmaker said...

>quietly producing excellence and ignoring the flash-bang efforts of the less talented.


weasel said...

Duder, you are in the bullet proof "Hardcore..They Know the Score" section of the links bar so enough with the insecurity.

Lest anyone else's nose get out joint; I was refering to the big outside world as opposed to any of youse. You are all lovely, and talented in your own ways.

mas said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Weasel.