Monday, December 19, 2005

Its The Most Wonderful Time of The Lists..

As the new year approaches the world turns into one big compiler of lists. All the newspapers, TV shows, and so on are falling over themselves with present recommendations, reprospectives of all sorts, and the best of the best compendiums. Our little corner of the blogosphere is not exempt, with M!key down under bewailing in bullet points his current fate, J Edward Keyes helping out with the Christmas shopping, Bri at Unwellness inviting you to try your hand at a list of your own, her husband Wes at Coveting maintaining an ongoing 365 day-a-year list of yearning, Mondale stepping up with a photo list, and Mitch over at Handwashings providing a tour de force review of a life in smelly building dwelling-gum rating-marathon running chap. We of course await Listmaker's entry into the field.

I wasn't going to do a year-in-review, list and recap entry but Country Mouse, the lovely Mrs Weasel herself, came home clutching a slip of paper one night last week from the small arthouse cinema she runs. As is typical of movie people (she is also a fresh-faced, struggling documentarian and sound engineer for hire) she has apparently decline to name an unequivocal "best movie"- lest she limit any future gigs I suspect (I imagine you can guess her favorite from the nominations below). So without any further ado, I humbly present Country Mouse's 2005 Movie Awards:

Best Cinematography: Tie: The Constant Gardener (narrative), Deep Blue (doc).

Best Editing: The Constant Gardener.

Best Sountrack: Tie: The Constant Gardener, Everything is Illuminated.

Best Documentary: Murderball.

Best Actor: Bruno Ganz in Downfall.

Best Actress:: (Ominously empty- Weasel).

Supporting Actor: Eugene Hutz, Everything is Illuminated.

Supporting Actress: Amy Adams, Junebug.

Best Nick Nolte Film, 2005: Beautiful Country.

Best Writing: Crash.

Best Scenery: Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress.

Best Drama Based on a True Story Set in Minnesota: North Country.

Best Quirky Performance Art Piece Turned into a Movie: Me and You and Everyone We Know.

Best Cute Kids With Accents Movie: Tie: Millions (narrative), Mad Hot Ballroom (doc).

Let the arguing and kevetching commence.


Joe said...

We enjoyed The Constant Gardener. Well, the subject was fairly sobering, maybe "enjoyed" isn't quite the word. It was a good film, though.

Amy Adams was terrific in Junebug. Overall, the film didn't live up to expectations.

I managed to miss most of these, although many of them were on the "to do" list. The reality of the Eveningstar is that you get some movies (e.g. Good Night, and Good Luck) for a month while others (The Beautiful Country) share the screen for a week and then are gone.

Capote is supposed to be good. Philip Seymour Hoffman always brings the goods. Has that made it to CM's theatre yet?

country mouse said...

Jan. 13th.