Friday, December 16, 2005

Briefly Noted...

This is just plain creepy. Thanks be to Listmaker for revealing I lead a Connor McLeod existence. Weasel, there can be only one.

Also, Country Mouse would like me to advise all dog owners out there that grapes and raisins are highly toxic to dawgs. Apparently a local dog was laid low by a raisin recently and research shows this to be true. Who knew? Other seemingly innocuous but horrible grub can be found here.


Jim said...

None of this seems to apply to Bernie, our beloved Sheltie, who loves fruit of all kinds, including grapes.

As for chocolate, he ate half a chocolate birthday cake two years ago (after circling the room for two hours planning his attack) at a birthday party and I thought for sure he'd be done in. Apparently, he's a rarity amongst the canine set.

Then there's the issue of moldy foods. He regularly is found scavenging around our compost, plying pieces of moldy breads, potatoes and other decomposing foods.

He does draw the line at alcohol and cigars, however.

weasel said...

Bailey, Jessie's schipperke, loses weight on the "Catkins" diet- he finds cat doo, eats it, then throws up. Its Friskies Bulimia!

I'm often sceptical of the various animal food warnings (in England for example dog chocolates are very common and used like milk bones and there is no mass die-off of dogs there every year- maybe its a special faux-chocolate formulation) but over the years I've decided I should probably err on the side of caution. Not every pregnant woman is going to develop complications from eating brie for example but why risk it?

I agree though: sort of ruins the dog as garbage disposal evolutionary advantage to the canine.

Jim said...

LMFAO! What is it with dogs and cat poo? When we had cats, that was another of the dog's delicacies.