Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Ahhhh, What A Good Christmas!

For Christmas the dogs wanted spooky alien eye contact lenses. Those kooky canines! (Dogs sitting in profile pose courtesy of lovable Ned's Dessicated Liver Treats). I suppose I could have straightened out the blinds.

Country Mouse and I had a wonderful Christmas; I hope everybody else had a splendid time at whatever level and for whatever reason they celebrate. It was great to hang out with CM's family and essentially laugh my bum off for four days, eat lobsters and Chinese food, and generally relax cocooned from the outside world for a while.

The fun and thoughtful nature of Christmas with the Country Mice can be made emblematic for me by one gift I received from future-mother-in-law and her fellah The Flaming Arrow:
Not only is it (or rather was it- burp) beer, but it's organic, traditional beer from my home region of East Anglia (Bungay on the Norfolk/Suffolk border, where I almost went to secondary school at Bungay Cathedral School, spared only by my limited potential as a choir boy). As soon as I got home on Christmas night it was off with the crown cork, into a glass, and down the neck slowly, each sip savored and enjoyed with geeky rapture. St Peter's Organic Ale (exported to the States as St Peter's English Ale): two thumbs up from the Weasel.

What is more, given that it was bought not 15 miles fom where Country Mouse and I are getting married in May my wheels got turning and I tracked down the Maine distributor. Low and behold, the distributor (Central, of Lewiston) also carry Black Sheep that was such a hit at my brother's wedding AND are suppliers to my liquor biz contact. Along with a good sampling of locally brewed beer I think that Country Mouse's insistence on quality rather than quantity will really bear fruit on the brewski front.

On a seperate topic, spare a thought for that psychotic Albanian raisin in a whimple Mother Teresa, whose ego compelled her to return to earth in pastry form. Alas, her familiar has been stolen from a store in Nashville: Christmas thief steals 'Nun Bun'.


mactechwitch said...

"May the light of Christmas burn a hole or two through your head."

weasel said...

"May the light of Christmas burn a hole or two through your head." That's what is going on with the dogs- Laser eyes!

Mac, I was hoping Miele-Man would pop round to spruce up the place after Christmas.

ChickyBabe said...

Did the dog have too much organic ale? ;)

weasel said...

Actually Dinah (the shep) will only drink milk based cocktails whose mixes can be bought in TGI Fridays branded bottles at groceries and gas stations (so popular at office and trailer parties).

Bailey (the dwarf) is strictly a Pernod and water guy.