Monday, November 21, 2005

Why Do Holidays Make Things Seem More Hectic?

Not much activity from Wisdom Acres here this week because:

1) I'm busier than a blue arsed fly,

2) The only subjects to tickle my fancy in the past few days would strike normal people as incredibly dry, boring, and esoteric (George Galloway in Syria, religious susceptibility as a byproduct of cognitive disfunction, and so on),

3) Still unpacking boxes in the new house,

4) I have an evil chest cold setting in.

Maybe I will have sufficiently recovered my zing to blog about my ex- sailor, ex- policeman grandfather's views on both New York in 1944 and the call to arm British cops by mid-week (both surprised me to no end on Sunday).


ChickyBabe said...

Maybe a little of that Screech run might help that chest cold - for medicinal purposes, of course!

Mondale said...

I want to hear what yer grandad says about shooters.