Tuesday, November 22, 2005

All You Need To Know About Conservatism

Its 15 years to the day that Margaret Thatcher resigned as Prime Minister of Britain and as leader of the Conservative Party. In an interesting look at her legacy, the BBC has put together a statistical graphing gizmo that compares various economic and social indicators from her time at the top of the greasy pole. I chose to compare champagne imports with unemployment numbers (here) but even the most casual observer of politics should find something of interest in the drop-down menus.

And on the subject, Nov 22nd, 1990: Margaret Thatcher Resigns as Prime Minister.


Mondale said...

I still remember (as I know you do, we were at school together) where I was when she resigned. Along with the fall of the Berlin Wall, collapse of East European socialism and the ultimate decline of the Soviet Union those high school years were pretty heady times.
I do recall pretty much most of our peers being quite excited, we had no memory of any other Prime Minister and, quite frankly, what a Prime Minister to grow up with.
There were a few tories at school, do i recall Kelvin in tears?
Still, we had the John Major years to look forward to!

weasel said...

She stole my free milk and devalued my pocket money by 50% when she abolished the 1/2p coin. I think I hated her even before I knew who she was.

rps said...

When the coal miners were on strike, coal production fell by tens of thousands of tonnes. Was there some correlation?

p.s. what is a tonne?

weasel said...

A tonne is a ton avec pomme frites et moutarde, served en croute.

Ahh, the miner's strike- I got my head filled with some very biased information, watching that on TV news with my ex-police grandfather. It took me a couple of years and a couple of Billy Bragg albums to understand that Arthur Scargill wasn't a Soviet agent intent on killing all the red-haired pre-teens in England.