Saturday, November 12, 2005

Wandering Weasel Gads About Gotham

I have a couple of skills; photography, however, is not among them. That said, I tried my best to capture the essence of my tourist time in New York (as opposed to my social gadfly time, documented on Mondale, Listmaker, and Maestra). Without any further ado, I present Weasel on the town (you can click on the photos to enlarge them):

My lovely long-suffering and forebearing hosts at the end of a long weekend: Mr. & Mrs. Mondale.

The obligatory Times Square Photo. I was more interested in the New York Times building somewhere to my left, but no photo opportunities of Judith Miller throwing herself from the editorial floor presented themselves. I was however impressed by the Quicksilver retail outlet, if only because of Country Mouse's surfing obsession: too bad surf wasn't up that Friday.

One of the fattest statues I have ever seen this side of Barvaria, in Brooklyn near the war memorial with the public loo in it (Mondale and I were both suffering from 'bar stools' and were very grateful to the architect).

Brooklyn Bridge Death March.

NYC 2008! Wooo hooo! Oh yeah, shit.

Public art, a la Playmobil.

Even the Woolworth's in New York is bigger....

Mondale revisits an old school nickname, and prompts juvenile memories of 'the great pancracker mix up'. Mushrooms on that?

The Englishman's view of Italians and Swedes looking at the Statue of Liberty and getting in the way.

Guy Fawkes, with a bottle of Bar Harbor Real Ale picked up for less than it costs in Maine. Mondale and I were very proud of our work on Guy but burnt him anyway. Bloody heathens.

OK, thats enough Weasel in New York. Back to the real world for future posts.

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